Saturday, September 3, 2011

Me Museum Project

Well we made it through our first full week of school! We spent quite a bit of time learning the routines and expectations. I believe in taking time to train them in the beginning, it so pays off in the end. We ended the week with our ME MUSEUM presentations. This is a super simple project but kids love doing it and showing it off. I like it because it is quick yet effective. I begin by showing them my ME MUSEUM on Monday. I show them items I would put in a museum display about me: a map: because I like to travel, my running shoes: because I love to run, a picture of my family. I include index cards that explain what each item tells about me. Writing explanations is one of our first writing objectives so this gives me a chance to see what they already know about this type of writing. Then they are assigned finding objects and writing one card each day for homework. They create a sign to use as well. Then on Friday they brought it all in and we took turns touring museums and explaining our museums. We found out so much about each other and kids made connections with others who have similar hobbies and interests.

Here are some pictures:

I took pictures of my kiddos in front of their museums.  This made a fantastic display outside of our door.  Parents loved seeing it on Back to School Night!

I've developed this idea into a paragraph writing lesson and an introduction to brainstorming through the use of the four square or brainstorming web.  
I have included these materials and a three step explanation in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.


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