Sunday, January 13, 2019

Martin Luther King Jr. : Let's Be Dream Catchers!

Martin Luther King Day is right around the corner. 
Here is Kid President's thoughts on the day: 

I love his message..isn't it cool that we can change things? 
I love this kid too.
Check out his other videos.
They all have positive messages that kids today need to hear. 

Recently, my students celebrated New Year's Day.  We read a procedural text on how to make a Dream Catcher. We followed the directions to make them.

 Then we brainstormed the dreams we wanted to "catch" in 2019.

My kids had so many different ideas.

Here is one of my favorites:
What a sweet kid!

We displayed them all so they could share their dreams with everyone!

Here is a different template I have used with my kids before.
In this one, kids brainstorm three different dreams:
One for themselves,
for their school and for the world. 

I use this Dream Catcher lesson as a springboard into learning about Martin Luther King. 
Here is a poem that I like to use during our Poetry Station Time. 

You can find all these activities bundled in this "Let's Be Dream Catchers" set. 
Click the link below to check it out!

We are Dream Catchers: Martin Luther King Poem, Writing Ideas and Craft