Sunday, February 28, 2021

A Look into My Hybrid Classroom

Wow, a lot of time has passed since I last wrote on this blog! 
Covid has definitely forced all of us to pivot and adapt to a new way of teaching and learning.  
Like most, I had to figure out a way to teach kids virtually.
Now we are back in the classroom in the hybrid model and it's back to the drawing board as we try to figure out the best way to instruct kids who are at home AND at school. Those who are not educators  can not fully grasp just how overwhelming this year has been.  
Nonetheless, I am so grateful that I get to teach some of my students face to face each day. 
It has inspired me and has renewed my spirit. 
I want to document this transition and so here I am blogging once again after a long while. 
I hope you will join me as I try to make the most of the time I have left with my kids. 
They have been through a lot and we are all SO excited to be back!

There have been many changes to be made in the actual physical environment of my classroom. 
Come take a look: 

Desks are no longer grouped in table teams, instead we are spacing desks 6 feet apart.
This allows kids space next to, and behind their desk to get up and take a physical break or sit on the floor if they want to get out of their chair.  
Students are expected to spend the majority of the day in their "learning zone". 
They are doing remarkably well with this!
A laundry basket beside their desk gives them a place to put their bookbag, lunchbox and coat. 

Instead of using the coat hooks for coats, they now hold math manipulatives for each child. 
Base ten blocks, dice, counting chips, etc. have been placed in gallon sized bags labeled with each child's name. 

We have not been able to use math manipulatives as I would have liked to when teaching virtually.  
I will be sure to give kids lots of time with these as we move into our last grading period. 

Because my kids are sharing a desk with another child, they keep materials in these green trays. 
I found these at the dollar store and they fit exactly into their desks. 
Kids keep them in their desks for the two days they are in school and then place them back in their cubby.  Desks are deep cleaned in between groups. 

I am streaming in kids virtually for part of the day. 
I use this computer on top of a rolling cart so I can stay mobile as I teach both face to face and virtual kids at the same time. 
This is a challenge but we are figuring out how to make this work. 

Another addition has been these rubber mats that my kids use to get out of their chairs. 
Kids can sit or lay on these during some work times and for independent reading time. 

Kids all have their own, put we also can easily sanitize them down with spray and wipes between uses. 

These little rockers from Walmart are also a big hit with my kids. 
They can earn the right to use one once in awhile. 
I am on the look out for seating that can be easily sanitized.
These are perfect for another kind of book nook!

     Finally, my kids are all masked through most of the day.  
Again, they have adapted beautifully to this and are doing a great job.

Although it has taken time and effort to figure out how to transition back into the class, 
I am so grateful to be back again. 

Are you back in the classroom? 
How have you adapted?  I'd love to hear how it is going for you!
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