Saturday, October 22, 2011

Scarecrow Crunch and Pumpkin Punch: A Science Snack Idea

Here is another Fall/Halloween based Science activity for all those in the middle of a unit on Matter. Through our unit we work on what Mixtures and Solutions are. In this activity my kids helped make a mixture called Scarecrow Crunch and a solution called Pumpkin Punch. First we read about mixtures and solutions in our science text book. Then the students and I read the recipe for Scarecrow Crunch and prepared a batch of it together. Great review of sequencing and measuring too! After making it, we determined if it was just a mixture or if it was a solution. Here they are analyzing: They figured out this was just a mixture. The parts could be separated easily.

Then we made the Pumpkin Punch (powdered lemonade)! We determined that it was a solution since the parts could not be separated easily. A glass pitcher helps students to see the powder dissolve. Many oohs and aahs when we added the food coloring to make the lemonade turn orange!

Then each student got a plateful of the mixture and drew a scientific illustrations.

This student is referring to his science text book to write his explanation! Great thinking!

We are working on producing good, detailed science diagrams. This student added labels afterwards too!

Finally, they sorted the mixture into its parts and counted what they got.

They created a bar graph to show what was contained in their serving of the mixture.

Great review of sorting, classifying and graphing!

Here is your shopping list if you want to try this recipe. You also need some drink mix. I used crystal light lemonade. We put some food coloring in to make it orange. I got all this donated by my parents. I'm blessed with a great suppportive group this year!!

Interested in trying this one? Here is the lab report for it. I ran the pages back to back. Students folded it to make a lab booklet.

I have added this booklet as a free file in my TPT store.  You can locate it by clicking the link below:

I am posting many free files!  Please follow my store and blog and become part of this community of teachers helping teachers!!

I have one more matter experiment to share. I'll try to post it soon!


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