Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Fall Themed Book Report: I'm Nuts About This Book!

 Fall is my favorite time of the year and so I always look for ways to bring it into my classroom. 

                         We have been working on learning all about the elements of a story. 

This prop and visual is my go to for reviewing these important elements before reading a fictional story.  I used one of those clapper hands to hot glue the pieces onto.  After summarizing using these elements we can clap for ourselves and the story!  Fun!

My kids have been getting so good at this skill!  After lots of discussion, we have now started writing simple book reports.  Students report on who the characters were, what the setting was, the conflict and the resolution.  There we go...a super simple summary!  I created this fall acorn template to add a bit of fall fun to it all!

It makes a great display and way for kids to share the books they are reading!

Our first one was a response to the super cute book: 
Squirrel's Busy Day. 

I liked this one because it has a very clear cut conflict and resolution.

You can find this "I'm Nuts About This Book Template" in my TPT store. 

Nuts About This Book Response

Happy Fall, Y'all!