Friday, March 10, 2023

A Super Simple Science Investigation: Candy Rainbow


It's not hard to get kids hooked on science when you incorporate experiments leaving them saying, 'WOW!"  This is one such investigation!  I like using this one while introducing the scientific process. 

Students learn that scientists work through a series of steps that include: Question, Hypothesis, Procedure, Observation and Conclusion.  They begin with thinking about Skittles and what might happen if warm water touches the candy.  We use our background knowledge as we think about what happens to this candy in our mouths.  What do our tongues look like after sucking on one in our mouths?  Students make a hypothesis.  I like giving students possible hypotheses to begin with while they are still learning how to make one themselves.  We always state these in When...then... statements.

Then we get into our science circles and conduct the experiment.  For this one, I want my kids close to the action so they can clearly see the result. 

Then students illustrate their observations and write a conclusion. 

I added this to my TPT store as a free resource. 

You can check it out here: 


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