Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday's Words for the Week

My Bible study group is finishing up our reading of Timothy Keller's book and video series, Gospel in Life. What a great one this was! So many thought provoking points in this series.It focused on how to live out the gospel in our day to day lives- first in our hearts, then in community and finally how to bring it out into the world. Schools are rooted within community so I found this series helpful in my dealings with children, parents and whole families.
Our last lesson dealt with mercy. Timothy Keller makes this point, "Clearly, Christians who understand grace will not be quick to give up  on an "undeserving" needy person. Christ's mercy was not based on worthiness. It was given to make us worthy. So also our mercy must not only be given to
those who reach some standard of worthiness."

A good lesson for me. As a public school teacher I must reach out to make a connection with each and every child and parent I come into contact with no matter what their background and situation is.  Each one is deserving of compassion and mercy.
Let me give it freely.

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  1. I love Timothy Keller! He is an amazing author Okay, now I have GOT to get this book.. As Christians, we have a tough job of making sure that we are being "salt and light" to our students, parents, and co-workers. Everything that we do affects how we reflect Christ. This is hard to remember when we are having "one of those days". If I can do nothing else, I want my students and parents to know the love of Christ.