Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday's Words for the Week

This post is dedicated to Kennedy who has been trying to get me to wake ever since my last post about napping.  Thanks for everyone's concern!  I think sometimes the most productive thing you can do is sleep!

 Good news..... Yes, I am back and am recharged and reinspired after our fall 3C Event. 
It was a great time of teachers helping teachers and many fabulous ideas were shared by all. 
Thanks to ALL who participated! 
I love the positive energy of this group and how focused everyone is on our mission. 


 It is easy to get consumed by all the distractions that are thrown at us.
 I needed this reminder from the group to get refocused on the real goal of teaching the children. 

SO,  some of the highlights this time for me were: The Walking Classroom....Wow, loved this idea and think it would be great  to design something similar for third graders. Anyone out there who wants to tackle this with me... you know, in all our free time??? 

I also loved the discussion centered around the 2x10 Strategy. 
I KNOW this strategy works and hope others will try it too. So simplistic-yet so life changing! 
You will be amazed by the result. 
Rick Smith wrote about it in Educational Leadership. 
  Teachers focus on their most difficult student. For two minutes each day, 10 days in a row, teachers have a personal conversation with the student about anything the student is interested in. Wlodkowski found an 85-percent improvement in that one student's behavior. In addition, he found that the behavior of all the other students in the class improved.
You can read the whole article here: 

Thanks for everyone's educated insights on this summer's  New York Times article: 
Why Americans Stink at Math.  I love that as a group we are open minded enough to confront our possible weaknesses and brainstorm solutions.  Look for more blog posts about it soon. 
In the meantime, you can read the whole article here:
It is lengthy-but interesting, and worth the read. 

So here are our group's Words for the Week: 
The number one inhibitor of Zen: #zen #emmamildon #elephantjournal

So this week we said we'd  let go of the junk that is dragging us down and set our eyes on what is really important-
the kids.
Keep your eyes on the prize and have a great week!

Thoughts about 3C or otherwise?  Email me:


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday's Words for the Week

THANKS for the interest in the Fall 3C Event.
We are full, but will look to add a winter session if there is interest.
Stay tuned...

Looking forward to the unleashing of some new thinking!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday's Words for the Week

We are gearing up for the next 3C event and are super excited to welcome
two new committed educators,
Mark Lenz and Leslie Myers from Fairfax County, to our line up!  
We can't wait to Connect-Collaborate-Create!

Photo: What are you committing to?

Monday, September 8, 2014

Sunday's Words for the Week

I met 25 new students last week. I am wondering what they will teach me,  I am their teacher yet every year my kids bring with them lessons for me to learn. My most important lesson from the last school year came from a boy who taught me the true meaning of perserverence. Philippians 3-14 refers to perserverence as "pressing on". I love that.   Learning didn't come easy for this young boy and I'm guessing school often represented a place of struggle and hardship for him. Yet, day after day after day he would come into the room with a smile on his face, ready and willing to attempt anything I put in front of him.  Every day he would try and every day he would struggle. I was amazed by him and his ability to continuously "press on". He only cried once. After failing a test he let the tears of frustration fall. I held him and he held me and I asked him not to give up on me, that I would keep trying to figure out a way to teach him. We made a pact...I wouldn't give up on him and he wouldn't give up on me.  He ended up passing the BIG test at the end of the year. It was my turn to cry then.  Now when I get tired and feel like I'm ready to give up, I think of this boy and the big important lesson he taught me. What will I learn this year? Can't wait to find out.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday's Words for the Week

Let's go change the world teachers.
Wishing you a great first day of school!