Thursday, May 9, 2019

A Quick & Easy Budget Friendly Mother's Day Craft Idea

Happy Mother's Day!
Are you short in money and in minutes?  
Then this is your kind of  Mother's Day Craft.
I picked these tiles up at Home Depot for a mere 11 cents each. 
I grabbed some clear acrylic spray and scrounged up a basket of colorful sharpies. 
We were all set to craft and create a special Mother's Day present. 

My students all ooed and awed over the pretty "teacher" markers they got to use. 
They had to earn their way to the "creation station".  They were good as gold!

They created great pieces that I know their mamas will treasure. 

Here are some of their special creations:

Art from the heart.  Is there anything a mom would love more??

I will give them a quick spray of clear acrylic sealer and they will be good to go!

My kids were able to create a one of a kind piece of artwork and I spent less than $5.00.
Oriental Trading can't even beat that!

Enjoy your Mother's Day this coming weekend!