Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Simple Machines

We flew through our Simple Machines Unit but here are some highlights. I know some who are getting ready to start on this now. This post is heavy on photos which is one reason I like blogging. Maybe I'll remember what I did for next year!
Here we are working with the models we made of the simple machines. We kept them in our tool bags and reviewed with them before the big test.

We recorded our information in our Simple Machines flip book and took these home as part of our make and take study guide packet. Kids were assigned to teach someone using their books and models after we made each one.

After we learned about all of them, we used Thinking Maps to make connections between the functions of each of them machines. Here is a double bubble.

Students used the Brace Map to show what makes up different compound machines.

The Bridge Map helped them to make analogies using the machines

We made a Big Book of Simple Machines. It included a page on each of the machines and pictures and labels that the kids made.

Here is a song we learned about simple machines. We added a copy of this to our Big Book and students sang this to someone at home as a way to review the material.

Simple Machines

The model materials and flipbook are now available on TPT....check here if interested: