Monday, November 7, 2011

Science: Earth Cycles

We are finishing up a study of Earth Cycles this week. During this time we took a look at the Earth rotating and revolving. Here are two Make and Takes we created for these. We first made the model of the Earth using model magic clay and a straw for the axis. We showed how the Earth rotates or "turns like a top" towards and away from the sun creating day and night. The next day we used the model again to show how the Earth revolves around the sun. We also made the paper study guide diagram below and labeled the seasons.

Students saw how the tilt stays the same as they positioned and glued each Earth down representing the seasons.

The corners flip up to create a square and each corner is labeled with the season's name.

Here a student is showing Earth rotating using her model of Earth made with model magic and a straw for the axis.

You can click the link below to see the Model Magic I used for this project.

Crayola; Model Magic; White Modeling Compound; Art Tools; 2 lb. Resealable Bucket; Perfect For Slime Supplies Kit">

I have bundled these resources and more in one pack. This includes the teaching slides I use to teach the content. It also includes note sheets for students to glue into their journals, vocabulary cards, and even math and reading sheets and activities connected to this study. I call it an "All in All" Integrated Unit because everything I use to teach this study is included. One click and it's all there!

If you are interested in using these materials, click the link below to head to my TPT store.


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