Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Third Grade Christmas

Well, we made it! A third grade Christmas all wrapped up and delivered! It has been a BUSY couple of weeks. There were so many ideas I WANTED to do with my kids this year but the curriculum couldn't be put off so I did some and some will have to wait until next year. We did have a great holiday party! Here are some highlights:
We wrapped our Christmas presents to our families. It was a potholder that kids decorated with fabric markers. They loved wrapping the presents. We played Minute to Win It Winter Version. Kids LOVED it! First up was Snowball Toss. They simply had to toss minimarshmellows to their partner who was holding a cup.

Next up was Stacking Snowmen. Here they had to build as many snowmen as they could in a minute with the minimarshmellows.

This one was called Shovel the Snow. They had put the pile of the snowballs (minimarshmellows again) into the cup using a straw. It was totally quiet in the room! Loved this game!

Then it was Build a Snowman. Gave them a roll of toilet tissue and they had to cover their partner with white! Fun game.

My great parent volunteers handled the party! They did a craft with kids. Here they were making a Dangling Snowman out of wire and foam. They turned out so cute.

Another mom had them make a Candle Cupcake. Adorable as well!

Now it's time to focus on family and friends and what Christmas is really all about. I hope everyone has a great, restful holiday break!!


  1. These activities look SO fun!!!! I will have to try and remember them for next year. Merry Christmas and enjoy the small break!

  2. I LOVE the Minute to Win It activities!! So so cute!! I need to remember those for next year!

  3. I saw your post just in time to plan my winter party. We are definitely doing the Minute to Win It games. It's time we had some silly fun!

  4. Super-cute!! Looking forward to trying these this week!!!!!

  5. Thank you so much for your super cute ideas!