Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday's Words for the Week

She spoke the truth! I had a rough day or two since the start of school. How about you?
Let's go way back to the mid 19th century for some advice.  Check out what Ralph Waldo Emerson had to say about days like this :

Such great advice! I'm guessing he experienced some hard days himself. A  bad moment doesn't make a bad day and a bad day doesn't make a bad week.  Tomorrow is another day.
 Here is my "go to" song for days like this.  I'm a big fan of singer/songwriter Joshua Radin. Love his sound and lyrics. This song always makes me feel hopeful.  Take a listen.

Thoughts?  Email Me...I love hearing from you all!
Wishing you nothing but sunshine...Have a great week!  -Doris