Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday's Words for the Week

I love this time of year and had a great spring break week.
I totally enjoyed every minute and was so thankful for a bit of rest. I intended to get more house and school stuff done but sometimes you have to do what is most important and more work,...well, that is just not it.  Instead I hung with family and friends and made great memories. It came at just the right time for me. I am grateful for each day I had.
It is back to work tomorrow.  The final stretch is always the most stressful.
I will be working my hardest to get students prepared for testing and and their move to fourth grade.
There is much to do in a short time.  It is easy to let negative feelings take over right about now.
But I learned a wonderful lesson a while back and it has allowed me to live a more joy filled life.
What I discovered is that although much of what happens to me is out of my control, what I can control is how I react to it all.  With that truth comes great freedom. No longer must you be a slave to your emotions.

I grew up in a beach town and spent a good part of my summer in the water. We loved surfing the waves and I remember how we would sit on our boards waiting for just the right waves to ride. I'd feel the effects of each one as they would lift me up and down but I'd only surf the fun ones.
Feelings are much the same way. I can acknowledge  them all but I don't have to ride the rough ones.
I can make the choice to let the feelings of stress, discouragement and disappointment pass right over me. I don't have to dwell in those feelings-I don't have to surf that wave.
Wishing you all a fabulous week.