Thursday, December 29, 2016

A Pack of Poems: Winter and Snow Poetry

We have been filling our wall with words.  Students make these posters to remind themselves of the different kinds of words we have worked with this year. It is one step in helping them become more accountable for their learning. Now instead of coming to me when they forget a spelling rule, they go to the reference wall. I love that it makes them more self reliant and independent workers and learners. 

Here is the poster we reference A LOT! Those tricky plural noun spellings. I have even taken a photograph of this one and have sent it home for parents to use when students are doing their writing
One way we review our word study patterns and rules is by playing games. Here my students
create a "board game" out of word cards and a "start" and "finish" card. Partners are given a set of word cards that they make their game with. Players role the dice and move that many spaces. The word caller lifts up the word card and calls out the word for the speller to spell on a white board. If the speller is correct, they can stay on the space. If incorrect, the caller "coaches" them on the correct spelling and the speller moves back the number of spaces rolled.

This super simple game can be played with any set of word cards and helps students get in the spelling practice that they need.

Another way that we review our word study is by Search and Find or word hunting activities. Here students are looking for examples of other words that fit a particular pattern or spelling rule. I like using our Poetry Journals for word hunts. It gives them another opportunity to read and develop that all important fluency. It also allows us to share our finds as a whole class since everyone has these poems in their anthologies 

Here students were reviewing different ways of spelling long vowels. These were the words they found in their poems. 


I have just written and uploaded a winter set of poetry to my Teacher Pay Teacher Store. 
This set includes poetry, a comprehension and word work follow up page, and poetry related math problem solving and graphing sheets. 
Click the link below to check it out. 

A Pack of Winter Poems

This set includes snow day poems. Check back for a February Edition that will include Groundhog's Day, Valentine's Day  and President's Day.
Are there other topics of poems you need or want?
Contact me @ or comment below!


  1. I love how you have the kids participate in your word wall/anchor charts. Also, it's a great idea that you sent a picture home for the kids to use while doing homework. did you write the poems in this winter poetry pack? Happy New Year!

  2. Hi Susan! Yes, I write all the poems included in the Poetry Packs. Happy New Year...hope it's a great one for you!