Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday's Words for the Week

We were blessed with a bright and sunny Mother's Day today.  We had a big barbecue with all of the mothers in our family and spent time visiting and catching up with each other. One of the grandmothers in our family has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. She was able to join us today.   Never once did she speak of her illness, instead she was too focused on everyone else's needs asking about our kids,  jobs and plans for the summer. Watching her today made me think of these words spoken by the beloved Mother Teresa of Calcutta:
These are some of my favorite words ever spoken.  Yes, Let us begin.  What an incredibly powerful thought.  Each day brings forth such promise.    If we would only begin instead of spending time getting lost in yesterdays or daydreaming about tomorrows. What incredible things we could accomplish. Our moment is truly now and as teachers we have the potential of changing the lives of those children we teach with each day we are given.
A gift of twenty four hours.
Let us seize the opportunity.
Let us begin.