Thursday, June 13, 2013

Marzano on Building Expertise

It's great to hear from other Marzano fans out there!
 Our book club met this week and we had meaningful discussion after just the first chapter. We will be digging in deeper as we examine best practice and our progress in implementing these into our day to day lessons. I'll be back to share our thinking.
  The second annual International Marzano Conference on building expertise is being held in Orlando next week. Experts from all of the world will be there to discuss recent research in best teacher strategies.  Gosh, wish I could go! They are offering a live feed to hear the keynote speakers. You can go to the Marzano Institute webpage to register.

Here is what Marzano says about this upcoming conference:

Can you feel it? Change is coming. Between the emerging State Standards and the latest ideas in improving teacher practice, the transformation is happening around you. Will you get ahead of it, guide it, take charge of it?