Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday's Words for the Week

I've always been a lover of books.
From poetry to fantasy and from teacher books to cookbooks, I love and appreciate it all.
Books can be life changing.  I can remember the first book that caused a major shift in my thinking. I was a young teacher living on my own, dealing with the end of a relationship, the death of my father and the suicide attempt of someone close to me.  I was a mess. Getting myself through each day was a trial.  It was at that time that I read Peck's The Road Less Traveled for the first time. It awakened my soul and it altered the way I viewed myself and my life. Life changing. I still have that same copy of that book and will go back to it time and time again.

A friend of mine gave me another potentially life changing book to read on Friday. She put it in my hands with the words, "Put all else aside this weekend and just read this." 
My kids were at a retreat this weekend so it worked out that I could actually do that guilt free.
It was 60 degrees and sunny so I  took my bike and my book and headed to the river. I found a spot at the river bank and sat and read and wept. 
I turned page after page of power filled words that made me feel everything from intense sadness to immense gratitude. 

Are you ready for an awakening? Then you must read Jeannie Allen's Restless.

"May this be the place where your restless soul meets God, and where no life or minute or breath ever feels small again."

So, put everything else aside and read, Restless
It will wake you from your slumber.
It will move you.

Have you read it already? I would love to do a video study of this one.
Anyone else in?   Email me: