Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Day of Collaboration: Edcamp Spotsylvania

I am feeling energized and uplifted after spending Monday morning connecting and collaborating with a group of fellow third grade teachers across our county.  We got together at Wilderness Elementary for Edcamp Spotsylvania 3. Have you been to an Edcamp before? 
Here's a quick video that explains this "unconference" model for professional development:

The Edcamp Foundation does a great job in supporting educators who want to organize a day of meaningful discussion centered around the needs of teachers. An Edcamp is completely participant led, so those who come get to schedule the day and plan the sessions. 
Here was our discussion board....we discussed reading stations, guided reading, math instruction, project based learning and alternative assessments, and SO much more. 

Edcamps are informal meetings of the minds where participants all can share ideas and brainstorm solutions. Sessions are highly interactive and built upon the needs of the teachers.
Since Edcamps are voluntary, you will meet other educators who share your enthusiasm and dedication for the important job that we do. It is a great place to network and meet new friends!

We have incredibly talented teachers in our county and this day of  Edcamp gave us the opportunity to connect with those in other schools in an effort to support and encourage one another. It is a safe place for teachers to share struggles and seek solutions. 
Teachers learning from teachers...

Summer is the perfect time to hold an Edcamp. Teachers are more relaxed and have the time and energy to devote to tackling the tough topics. We talked about the new shifts in teaching and learning: rigor in reading, alternative assessments and project based learning. 

We want the collaboration to continue so we have set up a Google Site that will keep us connected throughout the school year. 

Breakfast and prizes were generously donated by Piktochart.

Many, many thanks to our friends at Piktochart for their support!!
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Thanks also to Flocabulary for sending us free trials and this Edcamp song to kick off our morning!

Do you have experience with Edcamps? I'd love to hear about it!
Email me at: youngdor8@gmail.com