Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Wall of Words: Dictionary Guide Words and ABC Order

We have spent a ton of time working on words this year. Nouns, verbs, adjectives, synonyms, antonyms, homophones...we have worked through them all. In fact, the students have created an entire wall of words. We called this our reference wall and students did use it regularly to remind themselves which words were which. 
It really was a student masterpiece. The kids thought of the words and created the illustrations. I just wrote up the headings. It all came down this past week. We will be taking the state reading test in our room this coming week and so all our words had to go.  My walls look barren...I wonder how many kids will look to that space when they need to think of a word during that test.  

We have been reviewing our dictionary skills and practicing our ABC order in preparation for the state tests and fourth grade. 
We added a dictionary and guide word note sheet to our reading journals.

Guide words and ABC order practice can become boring fast. We played some games to make it more exciting and fun. We played a guide word matching game. 

Students played ABC War. This is played a lot like regular WAR. The students each flip over a random word card and compare the two words. The student whose word comes first in ABC order gets to keep the card. Third graders are dealing with trickier words that begin with the same 3-4 letters. 
This video shows the game in action.
I love how they are working through the thinking together. 
 These materials along with a dictionary poem and check up pages can be found in my 
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How do you make practicing ABC order fun?  Would love to hear!
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