Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Years Day: Free Poetry, Writing, Math Printables

One of the first things I have my third graders do when they return from winter break is make a personal goal that they can work towards in the new year. 
Here is some of what my students last year came up with: 
Last year I connected our study of Ancient Rome with the New Year's celebration. 
We learned that the month January comes from the ancient Roman god: Janus. 
He was depicted with two looking forwards to the future and one looking backwards to the past. 

My students then spent some time reflecting on what they wanted to focus on in the New Year. 

Students wrote and drew pictures. It was interesting hearing what they came up with. 

Here are the printables that we used for this activity. 
I am sharing them free on my TPT store. 
Just click the link below: 

Here is another New Year's bundle that includes poetry, math and more. 
I am also sharing this FREE.
Click the link below

Are you making a resolution for the new year? 
Would love to hear!
Email @ youngdor8@gmail. com
or comment below. 
Have a happy New Year!

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful freebies, Doris! Happy New Year to you and your students!