Sunday, July 23, 2017

Classroom Library Book Worm Jar: Freebie

Happy Friday! I've got a freebie for you this morning. They have cute jars at the Target One Spot this month. I picked up one with a red lid for a new Book Worm Jar for my classroom. I added a label to the front and will stuff it with book worms (gummy worms)  when we go back to school.

I am also working on a new Book Nook sign for my classroom. I am adding some new reading spots this year and wanted to include them in this rotation poster. 
I will add clothespins with names of my students on this chart. Students are assigned to a special "book nook" during independent reading time. I just move clothespins down each day so students get a new one each time. 

Walmart carries great little plastic rocker chairs for a really cheap price! My students loved them last year so I added a couple more to our collection. 
Check the stores now and in another month when stores discount their dorm room items. I have found great book nooks for cheap prices during these sale times.
I found these "recliner" chairs at Target years ago and they still work great!

I know how important it is to have my third graders spend as much time possible reading quality texts on their level. I try to create a quiet, comfortable and peaceful environment for our reading time.
I've changed up my classroom library set up  a bit and now it will be organized by both genre and leveled readers. I started this last year and really liked it. 
When I go back in the fall, I will add more letters to these baskets. 
I like having books also organized by genre since that is something we teach in third grade. 
By this age, kids really start knowing what they prefer reading.

I also showcase books along our reading wall. These are "Teacher Pick" books that go along with our content area studies. Students tend to grab up these books and I love that since it allows them an opportunity to learn more and dig deeper into the standards that we teach. These kids become science and social studies experts and can add much to our content area discussions based on what they learn on their own during independent reading time. 

We also take turns reading to these cute bookworms that we keep in our class library. 
Third graders still go crazy for stuffed animals. If they want to read to them they need to keep reading the WHOLE reading time. Book worms only want to visit with students who are reading...ha! 
Yes, believe it or not, third graders are NOT too old for this!

Before reading time I pick a "Mystery Reader".  I tell my students I picked one of them, but will not tell who it is. The idea is that I will keep a close eye on that person for the duration of our reading time. If  that person remains a productive reading and do "real reading" the ENTIRE time, they are announced as a "bookworm" and get a gummy worm prize at the end of the reading block.  If they don't stay stuck in their book,  they are not announced but I will go to them individually and talk to them about what I saw and how they can make it the next time. 

I've added the Book Worm Jar label to my TPT store as a free item.  
You can check it out here:

 So how do you encourage productive reading during your sustained, silent reading time? 
I would love for you to share!
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