Tuesday, May 15, 2018

A Collection of Card Games for Word Work Review

We are winding down our school year and spending time reviewing a year's worth of learning. 
Third graders have been exposed to words, words and more words. 
From prefixes to suffixes from synonyms to antonyms, we covered it all.  
 We have evidence of our learning throughout our room. 
We've posted words on our Word Wiz board...

On our word wall...

On charts....

and in our word closet....

Do they have them all straight in their little brains....probably not entirely.
Lots of words need lots of practice.  So I've added games to our Work With Words bucket.
Playful practice will give them a way to review what they've learned while holding their attention. 

My third graders love card games.
Here is antonym Go Fish

Synonym Bingo

Prefix Boom!

A suffix match game...

I've added these games and more to my Teacher Pay Teacher Store.
If you are interested in checking it out, just click the link below.

Reading Third Grade VA SOL Test Practice Card Games


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