Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Let's Research: Using the Table of Contents, Index and Glossary

My kids have begun researching and I absolutely love it!
It makes my teacher heart happy to see them hard at work finding the answers to questions they have about subjects they are interested in.  
They are finding out that they don't need their teacher to learn...they just need books!

They are collecting information and organizing it in research folders and having a blast doing it. 

Along the way, we have been fine tuning our research skills with mini lessons on how to use a nonfiction book. 

My students are quickly understanding that knowing how to use parts of the book such as a Table of Contents or an Index can make their job of locating specific information a whole lot easier.  It is much more efficient to search for the facts they need by using an index  rather than flipping randomly through the pages of the book.  

I created a slide show for teaching the Table of Contents, Index and Glossary.  

It includes practice pages and resources. It made covering these important and necessary reading skills quick and easy. 
I added it to my TPT store. 
You can click the link below to check it out: 

Nonfiction: Let's Learn about the Table of Contents, Index and Glossary

Now I can just coach them as they use these text resources while they research.  
 Real life practice is the best!

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