Sunday, April 7, 2019

Quick and Simple Easter Bunny Treat Cups

Easter is right around the corner!  
I love celebrating with my kids, but try to avoid the stress and mess of big complicated projects. 
These little bunny cups are a super simple alternative to making Easter baskets. 

I have been making these for years. 
Kids have the best time creating them. 
They always turn out so cute...they just make me smile!

All you need is some white cardstock, Easter colored SOLO cups, and Easter grass. 
 Don't forget some plastic Easter eggs or treats to fill them with.

Print out the bunny template using white cardstock. Plain paper just doesn't hold up well enough for this project.  
Kids cut the bunny shape out and then go to town decorating them.  
You will be surprised at how they manage to make their bunny look unique and special. 

I zip around and staple the bunny to their cup so that it looks as though the bunny is hugging the cup. 
Then fill with Easter grass and treats. 
So sweet!

I've added this to my store as a free item. 
Click the link below for the bunny template:
Be sure to follow my store to take advantage of other free files I'll be sharing!

Easter Bunny Treat Cups Freebie

Enjoy this Easter season with your students!

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