Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Remote Teaching with Video Tutorials and Practice Pages: Math Problem Solving with CUBES

Hello Friends!
It's been a while since I have posted anything and what a different world we live in!
How are you managing?
Have you jumped enthusiastically into your role as a remote teacher or are you dragging yourself through it each day? 
I will say this has been a learning experience for me!  

We are closed down for the rest of the year so the challenge is how to teach and review important concepts before I send these kiddos to the next grade level. 
One focus for me must be those power standards. Those real life skills that are necessary but sometimes challenging to teach and to learn. 

We are sending home a weekly learning slide show.  
It includes daily lessons in each subject area. 

For math, we are also sending home review problems to keep already taught skills sharp. 

Problem solving is one of those power standards. 
This year we used the CUBES strategy with good success. 
Before using this strategy, my students would read a problem and immediately announce, "I don't get it!"  Now I'll reply with, "Did you use CUBES?"
The CUBES strategy helps students break down a math story problem. 
The letters in the word CUBES remind students of what good problem solvers focus on when solving story problems. 
It goes like this: 

I created a video tutorial for my students to watch to review what we learned in the classroom. 

I can send this link through a Google Classroom or even through Class DoJo. 
Being able to see and hear the strategy in action was so helpful to my students and parents! 
Then, I can send them the problem solving pages to work on and they can practice using CUBES themselves. 

Here is the video tutorial:

Are you trying to review good math problem solving strategies? 
You can find this set in my Teacher Pay Teacher Store: 

Problem Solving With the CUBES Strategy - Great for Remote Learning

You can find the video tutorial along with some others here: 

I'd love to hear how you are adjusting to your new teaching role during this challenging period of time! Wishing you the best!

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