Saturday, May 7, 2011

Famous Americans

We have finished our unit on Famous Americans. We created a time line depicting the the Americans we studied and their MIP (Most Important Point). Studying the genre of the Biography during this social studies unit helped me to cover what I needed in both subject areas. Otherwise, how in the world would we get it all done! We worked on differentiating between interesting and important details. After finding out that Lincoln was assassinated my third graders' first question when learning about someone new was, "How did he die?" After getting past that information, we tried to discover what he/she was really remembered for.

We also reviewed national symbols and my students did research on one. We learned about the idea that in this country all citizens are allowed rights and freedoms. The writings we did were entitled: "Let Freedom Ring". Students started the writing with the line: In this country I am free to be whatever I want to be. Then they wrote what their dream was for themselves. Interesting to hear some of their ideas! I got this cute bell template idea from another blog. I'm a blog addict and look at soooo many that I forget which one it comes from! Does anyone else recognize it?


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