Saturday, May 7, 2011

Measurement Part Two

Another day, another unit of measurement! We are on to measuring mass with ounces and pounds. For this activity I set up SCOOT stations. I placed a balance scale, set of weights and a food item to weigh. They went to four of the stations and took measurements. These are called SCOOT stations because I give them about 5-7 minutes to take the weight and then I call out SCOOT and they slide to the next one. After getting four measurements they headed back to seats to create a bar graph of the results.

We concluded the lesson by working with this smart board lesson. I have found so many excellent smartboard lessons on smartboard exchange. It is rare that I have to create my own anymore. Why reinvent the wheel when they are right there for the taking! Thanks to all the talented teachers who have submitted them. Wow!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Your lesson sounds so engaging! Do you remember what you used for your other scoot stations? And, what was the smart board lesson called that you used? Thanks!