Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday's Words for the Week

I was with my Life Lessons Group last week.  We had a great time reading/ talking about the book, Living the Significant Life by Peter Hirsh and Robert Shemin.
In it they share the thought:

Yes, love it!
I think most teachers teach because we are trying to make a difference, we want to leave a mark.

Johnathan Fields discusses more on the topic in his blog. In it he questions how he can know he is making a difference. He has come up with a metric or a short list of questions that serves as a reminder, something" he can regularly refer back to as a vehicle to refocus on what matters most."
You can read more about it here:

Finally, I want to thank Christine from Knowledge is Power. She sent me this song clip after I had recently posted "Lift My Eyes".   I think this song is so fitting in thinking about significance and what our ambition in life is and what it could be.  It was uncanny because just a day after she sent it to me our Praise Team led us in this song during worship.  It was one of those moments that just makes me bow my head. You know, one of those times when you truly believe God is speaking to you?
Coincidence?  Maybe. Something I needed to hear and listen to?  Most definitely. 
So now let me share the words of this beautiful song  with all of you.
Thanks, Christine!

Thanks to everyone else who also sent me words/songs  I've added many new ones to my playlist!
Linda S. suggested starting  Sunday's Song of the Week.  Love that idea too!