Saturday, January 26, 2013

Simple Machines Make and Take Models and Flipbook

Yes, it is about time to replace the mouse with a mop and tend to my housework.  Before I do that I am sharing a quick post on my current science unit:  Simple Machines.  This is a fun unit and students enjoy learning about the six simple machines. As with all my units, I try to integrate language arts skills and reading.  There are plenty of books out there on the subject of simple machines.  Here are some of my top picks:
 I've posted about the Simple Machine Flip Books before.  After many requests, I have finally gotten these materials bundled and they are now available on TPT! Many thanks for your patience! 
Making the models is always a fun learning experience for my third graders.  They understand the functions of each if they are able to work with them.  These are made with cardstock so they hold up better.  Students do love to use them! We store them in a "tool bag" and they are taken home so they can teach a parent or sibling about each one.

As an alternate assessment, students show what they know using a variety of thinking maps.  I love teaching with thinking maps and once you have taught the map itself, students can apply almost any type of learning to one of these maps.
This double bubble has them comparing and contrasting two different machines.  Great higher level thinking.  You could easily extend this to writing and have students write a comparison paragraph based on the map.

Here we have students creating a bridge map using the function of each machine as the relating factor. I like having students work with partners for the making of these maps.  I want to encourage discussion as it helps reinforce the learning.

Well, with two snowdays this week, I was finally able to put the flipbook and model materials together in a file.  I also threw in a poem I like to use to hook students into this unit and a writing idea printable.  You can check out these materials here:


Wish I had a house cleaning machine!