Monday, August 11, 2014

Extended Learning: A Maps and Globes Discovery Bag

Thanks SO much to all of you who sent encouragement and advice about how to keep it together when your kids move away.  Many of you suggest staying busy...well, no problem there! I'm in over my head with all sorts of school and home projects. I'm bound and determined to finish things up before school begins in two weeks. 
Yikes, it is going fast!

I need to apologize for not getting back to some of you who asked about the Discovery Bags. 
My plan is to first put together bags that go along with my social studies and science units.  If you are thinking you want one on a specific topic, you can email me and I can add it to my list. I'll try to complete as many as I can and will post them when I am done. Keep checking back. 

Here is another bag that I finished recently. I enjoy putting these together and easily found some inexpensive and fun store bought materials from the One Spot at Target.  This is a great time to be on the look out for flashcards, puzzles or games that fit with your topics. 
We do a unit on Maps early in the year.  I will use this bag during extension time to give kids background before I teach it or as a review afterwards. 

A vocabulary matching game will give students another exposure to key words related to geography. 
I have included an answer key so it will be self checking. 

For just two dollars, I was able to add a puzzle and United States Flash Cards that give information about all 50 states. 
I'm including a journal so that kids can write or draw something they know about this topic on a page. 

I am including some sort of examination item in most bags.  This one will include compasses that the kids can handle and experiment with.  I found a little booklet that explains what a compass does and how it works. I'm going to add that in too.  Of course, actual maps would be great to add in here as well.  Think of all the different types of maps that you could add include...street or state maps, or maps of amusement parks or even your school map would be great. 

I've got these all on hangers.  I'm thinking kids will enjoy using these at centers.  All kids would benefit, but I'm thinking they will be ideal to use with those who need to be challenged. 

If you are interested, check out this listing in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.