Saturday, January 23, 2016

Blogging Through the Blizzard and a Winter Writing Activity

Hello! Greetings from snowy Virginia. 
I'm joining Trisha and the "Blogging through the Blizzard" Group. She threw out a bunch of questions to the group. Here are my answers and pics.
Question: What does it look like outside your window? 
Here you go......  

The wind is kicking up the snow.  Even my favorite porch chair is covered. 
Hard to believe I was just reading in the sun in this very spot last weekend!

Snow: Snow:
What are you spending your time doing? 
So I've been indoors this weekend and am feeling super grateful that I have power and heat!
I've been baking and eating and drinking WAY too much coffee. 

Snow day:
Yes, we made a full dozen of these yummy cranberry muffins and that's all that remains. 
Like I said, way too much eating going on. 

What are you reading? 
Here is the stack of books I am supposed to be reading. I'm rereading some heavy ones like F&P's When Readers Struggle and some fun ones like Toys Come Home.  Love that book for making inferences. 
BUT, instead I made the mistake of starting Jodi Picoult's, 
The Storyteller on my Kindle and now can't put it down. 
But I think that's what snow days are meant for, don't you? 


What's your most current project and how do you stay motivated to work when you could play?
I'm trying hard to maintain a healthy life/work balance so I work some and play some. 
Too much of either is not good for me.  I will say that I've jumped on the "essential oil" bandwagon. 
I keep this Doterra stash in my home office and put some on before I work.   

 It may be all in my head, but I do think it sometimes helps me to focus.
I also rely on a timer to keep me moving from task to task and playing Pandora in the background just makes everything more pleasant. 

My latest project just went up on TPT and the timing is perfect. 
It involve students writing a procedural text explaining directions for 
"How to Have a Perfect Snow Day". 

Students start off by brainstorming all that they like to do on a snow day. 

Then they sequence their perfect snow day using a story board flow chart organizer. 

They use a How To writing template that includes an introduction, materials and directions. 

This set has just been uploaded on TPT. 
Click the link below to check it out!

Here is a picture that one of my students drew for the very last thing to do on the perfect snow day: 

That sounds like a good plan!
Stay safe and warm!