Sunday, January 10, 2016

Write an "Amazing Dream" Multiplication Story

We made it through our first week back after winter break. It was a BUSY week. We have so much to get through. Our math vocabulary vine is growing like a weed! It started in September with just a few math terms and as we study a unit we add the related words to the branches. It is time to add words like multiply, factor and product because we are now way into our study of multiplication.

This week I read aloud one of my favorite multiplication books: Amanda Bean's Amazing Dream. It is about a girl who loves counting and soon discovers that it pays off to practice your multiplication facts. She learns that it is a fast and efficient way to combine numbers.  

After reading, the students went on a multiplication hunt in the classroom and school They took Ipads and took pictures of examples of multiplication. 
Here a student found the equal rows and columns on the calendar. He could multiply to find the total quickly. 

Our math totes are stacked in five rows of three. 

Our old fashioned phone pad is set up as an array of four rows of three numbers and symbols. 

After finding these real world examples, students were given their own "Amazing Dream" books to fill out and illustrate. 

We find examples of the set model and the array model in this story book. 

My kids loved Amanda Bean and her crazy dream. Have you read this one? 
You can find a read aloud on YouTube also. Check it out here: 

Interested in having your students write their own version of an Amazing Dream? 
You can find this set of materials on my TPT Store. 
Just click the link below. 

What are your favorite multiplication books.  Please share!

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