Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Book to Gobble About - A Thanksgiving Freebie

Hello Friends! I CAN NOT even believe that we are into the month of November!!  Where is the pause button?? Can't seem to find one so I believe I am in for a wild and fast ride this year.  I put away my Halloween decor this weekend (seems like I just put it up) and now it's time for turkeys and Thanksgiving. I love this month and love the whole idea of giving thanks for all that we have. With that in mind, I want to thank all of my friends and followers who are still checking this blog and are emailing me to see if I am still breathing. I love and appreciate every single email I get from you all. THANK YOU!
Good news is...yes, I am (still breathing)! And even better, than that, I am here with a quick post to share a November themed book report idea. 
My students are working on writing book responses.  
In this turkey talking book report, my children are sharing a "Book to Gobble About".
They will be telling about a book they are reading during their independent reading time. 

These monthly book reports are one way I hold my students accountable for their "on my own" reading time...otherwise known as BAM time (Books and Me).  Isn't that cute...heard that one from a teammate and it stuck like glue. My kids love BAM time!

We have been working on the monitoring skills of identifying main idea as we read.  Students do that by asking two questions: WHO and WHAT.  Students are also recognizing the power of visualizing. 
For this strategy we verbalize our "mind movies" as we read. We are learning that if the mind movie stops playing then we must stop, rewind and try playing it again. This usually requires slowing down and reading more closely. 

Finally, a connection takes a reader from within the text to beyond the text. 
Students need to connect something they have read to another character or story. 

I have posted this book report sheet in my TPT store as a Freebie. 
Go check it out here: