Saturday, August 5, 2017

First Week of School Back to School Snack: Freebie

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I know some of you are already back at school. I have not even stepped into my classroom since June but I'm hoping you had an amazing start! I know the first day of school is like no other!  By the afternoon, my third graders are beyond tired and hungry. Their brains and their stomachs are still on summer mode and the school schedule can throw them for a loop. By the end of the day they are spent and so am I. 

Here's an afternoon snack idea that gives them a sweet treat to eat and gives me some more valuable information about what kind of learner they are. This is an edible glyph. Students answer questions about themselves first and based on their answers they will make themselves a back to school bus snack.

Here are the food items that you can use to make these. All of them came from Walmart and the Twizzlers were on clearance! You can substitute ingredients. The bus itself is one graham cracker.  

Here is the glyph paper they need to fill out first. I asked some questions to help me get to know them a little better. They read the question and circle their answer. Under the answer is the food item they are to use to make their snack. 

The little bus treats look something like this when finished. 

I'm thinking they can meet with their team mates first and show and tell their buses. Their friends should be able to tell what their favorite kind of book is and how they like to spend recess just by looking at their bus. 

The little red gumdrop here is actually a smiley face gummy. It represents the people on the bus. 

I am sharing this in my TPT store as a free item in case anyone else wants to do this too. 
The file is editable so you can switch out the food items and the questions you want to ask your kids. 

Click the link below if you want to check it out: 


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