Monday, September 3, 2018

Labor Day Teaching File and Literacy Station Materials

Happy Labor Day!  
Boy,  have I been laboring and boy, did I need this three day weekend.  We have been in school for three weeks now and I am exhausted!  I have been at this for 32 would think that I would have things figured out and my classroom would just run itself.  Each year seems more difficult to me.  Can any other veteran teachers out there relate? 

I have allowed myself lots of relaxation time this weekend but did also manage to create a quick file on Labor Day.  So fitting, right? 

This national holiday often gets overlooked but is still important to cover. 
I think many kids don't have a clue about its real meaning and importance. 

This file includes a teaching slide show, poem, writing prompt and exit ticket. 

My plan is to zip through the teaching file after my morning message tomorrow.  
Then I will use the poem in my "Read with Partner" round and the writing prompt in my "Work on Writing" round. At the end of the day, I'll give them the exit ticket to see if they now get the point of Labor Day. 

You can find these materials in my TPT store. 
Click the link below if interested: 

Have a great week!


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