Sunday, August 11, 2019

First Day Fun with Modeling Me!

It's the first day of school.
What are your goals for the day? 

For me, building relationships and establishing a classroom community is key to my lesson planning. 

I like to spend time getting to know my new students on a personal level. 
Plus, I want kids to make connections with kids.
We will be spending the next 10+ months together and will become a family of learners. 
What we do these first weeks together will help form a foundation of respect and acceptance. 

One way we can find out more about each others' likes and interests is through a first day activity called "Modeling Me".  

Play-Doh, Play Dough, Creative

In this activity, students are given a bit of playdoh and get to model it into different shapes that tell something about themselves. 

Many kids feel anxious and worried on their first day in a new classroom. 
The act of manipulating the clay is also relaxing and calming...kind of like using a stress ball. 

I will "model" what to do with the clay first. 
I usually model it into the faces of my own two children and tell them a little about my family. 
Or I will model it into an airplane and tell students about my love of travel. 
Kids are really interested in their teachers!

Then I give them theirs and let them have at it. 

In the past, some kids modeled the clay into foods they like.....this student loves pizza.

Others use the playdoh and model it into their pet.

You could stop the activity right there and just have kids walk about viewing each others' creations. Or have them form a sharing circle to show and tell what they created. 

I often take it a step further and have them draw what they made and write a sentence or two about it. 

This student loves elephants and is drawing and writing about it.

We found out that this student loves football and plays for a team.

We have a gymnast in our classroom family!

I love this first week activity because it is both engaging and enlightening. 

I am sharing this "Modeling Me!" page in my TPT store. 
I'm making it a FREE resource because we all know that by this time in the summer teachers have spent their last dime on setting up their classrooms.
Just click the link below to grab a copy of this and other first day activities. 
First Day of Third Grade Printables

I'll be back to share more ideas and would love to have you join this community of teachers helping teachers!  Follow me on this blog, instagram and TPT!
Have a great first day with your new family!!

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