Friday, August 5, 2011


We don't have a formal writing program at my school. Our kids must be writing but how we do it is really up to the teacher. I'm rethinking some parts of my program. I will continue to focus on the Writing Traits and used Amanda Nickerson's Writing Target sign on my display this year. She does the best work! Be sure to check her stuff out on TPT!!

The trait signs I made using some of the the student assessment ideas in the back of the 6+Writing Traits Book. I will focus on those key targets with my third graders and plan on doing more with having them assess their own writing.

We'll use the big board for displaying student writing. We're the wildcats, hence the "Writing We Can Roar About" title.

I reread these two books this summer and probably could go through them once again! There is so much good information there.

One change I'm considering is going to a three ring binder for my writing notebook. I like being able to collect their drafts to send to the publisher or to take home so loose leaf paper would really be more convenient. Those composition books were a pain to drag home when I wanted to check on their writing progress.

Please comment on what you use...spirals, composition books, folders??? I would love to hear!


  1. Doris,
    I am also switching to 6 Traits this year and also to a binder. I previously used a writer's notebook, but I found it very constraining. I planning on using the system found on the following website :
    Hope this may inspire!


  2. I agree with notebook paper. I've tried writers' notebooks too, but they are a pain. And (I've been rereading No More I'm Done also) using Jacobson's spider legs strategy for revising would be impossible in a journal and I love that idea! Can't wait to try it!

    By the way, I've been blogging about writing (sharing ideas based on Jacobson's book and the traits). I hope you'll check out my blog. I'd love to hear some of your ideas!


  3. Doris,

    I posted a link to my Language Arts September plans (Daily 3, Cafe, & 6+1 Traits) on my blog. I have posted it on proteacher and in order to open it, you do have to be a memeber, however membership is free. I hope this helps!