Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Reading Volume

As I'm setting up my room, I've been thinking of the research mentioned in What Really Matters in Response to Intervention I've been reading this book since we are beginning to implement RTI in a big way this year. It has just confirmed to me how important increasing reading volume is in helping those struggling readers. The author stresses the point that it is HIGH SUCCESS reading that is most critical.

I want my students to always have books at the ready! I want them to get LOST in their book and so I tackled organizing my book area today. First I tried out the great tip someone sent me from PINTEREST. A teacher (SO SORRY DON'T KNOW WHO IT WAS!!) came up with the brilliant idea of using a soft book cover as a pocket for the back of a chair. Could it really work?? You betcha! So after dealing with book boxes, book bags, etc. in the past, I'm going to set up my students with a book chair pocket. This is a Jumbo sized book cover and it really does hold multiple books well and large ones too!

Here are the pics I took of my book library area. I have organized them before by Reading Levels in the past but just feel it is more authentic to sort them by genres. We focus on studying the different genres in third grade so it will reinforce what they are learning. How do you organize your books?

That's all for now.... Next on my to do list....Whole Group Reading Area!


  1. Your reading area looks so inviting! It is crazy hot here in south Texas too! We haven't seen rain in forever. That slushie sure looks good!

  2. I have recently moved up from teaching Year 1 (5-6 yr olds) to Year 4 (8-9 yr olds) and have just organised my books like this. I had thought of doing them by level as well, but decided that this would be a better idea :) thanks for the pictures!