Friday, August 26, 2011

Earthquake,Tornado and Hurricane, OH MY!

I had no idea how appropriate Sunday's Words of the Week were going to be! Those of you on the East Coast are well aware of the Earthquake we had here on Wednesday. We are located less than an hour from the center of that earthquake. I was in school in a classroom talking with teacher friends when it happened. I know folks in CA think what we had was minor but let me tell you, it was SCARY!! What a bizzare and terrifying feeling!

My highschool son was home alone when it happened. Teachers ran from the building not entirely sure of what to do. As soon as I got outside my phone rang. It was my highschooler saying, "Mom, I think you need to come home, something's wrong with our washing machine!" God, love him! We just don't get quakes here in VA!

Schools stayed closed on Wednesday so they could check for damage. We've already used our first snowday and it's August!! Yesterday we had late afternoon storms and tornadoes. A teacher had a tree fall on her house and boats thrown about! Now we are awaiting the hurricane spinning up the coast! So crazy...what a week!

In the midst of all the weather, we did open on Thursday and I've had two days with my new third graders. I read aloud the first chapter of : Stuart Goes To School and we followed up the reading with this pictograph of our First Day Feelings!

Glad to see many felt excited and happy when they came to school! It's a big class with 26 students but we had a fun day and I am looking forward to the year! Hope your first day went well!

After introducing graphing with Stuart, we will continue to study graphing as we explore the picture graph, bar graph and line plot. You can check out the graphing sets on my TPT store page. 
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  1. I'm in DE awaiting the hurricane. Stay safe!

  2. I just saw this graph on pinterest and found you. I love it. (I'm following now.)
    ❀ Tammy
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