Friday, October 21, 2011

Guided Math and Place Value Practice

I've got a WIDE span of math ability levels in my room this year! I know that some kids get the math concept after the first lesson and others need much reteaching and practice. I don't want my high achieving kids to sit through reteach after reteach so I knew I wanted to begin running Guided Math in my room but have been procrastinating . I've been dragging my feet on it not sure of what kind of result I would get. Finally gave it a go and was quite happy with the way it went. I've got my groups worked out so one group has teacher time, another group is working on an independent activity and the final group has partner practice. The kids work at their group for 15-20 minutes and then move to the next one so that they all do the three during the math block. The above chart is what I'm using for the management part. I do spend about 10 in the very beginning of the block doing a whole group introduction to whatever we are doing.

I'm trying to keep the partner practice time very simple to make sure kids can work independently without needing teacher assistance. Here is one of the place value activities the kids worked with. They have number cards run off on cardstock that they keep in a baggie in desks. They use those cards on this mat. Students make a number on the work mat and then record it in standard, word, and expanded word form on the recording paper. Pretty simple!

Love to hear from others who have guided math or math stations running!

Place Value Build a Number

Place Value Build a Number 0001

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  1. I struggle with this too! I teach 3 periods of math in a row, and I am really trying to talk the other two homeroom teachers into leveling the students. I think it would be the most beneficial way for all of the students. But, this is a great alternative too!