Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Poem: Quotation Marks

Hello Friends! Is it feeling like Spring in your neck of the woods? It has felt like spring for most of the winter in Virginia. We have seven more days until spring break here and the kids and I can't wait. Here is a cute poem about spring. It is good as a springboard into a study of animals who migrate and hibernate. I think it is a good poem for the writing trait of "voice" as well. But I love to use it to review dialog and the use of the quotation mark.

This is a great read aloud to use on the use of this type of punctuation mark:

How about focusing on "instead of said" words. We have pulled the words: piped, sang, chattered, whispered from this poem and put them on a word closet chart to use during writer's workshop time.

Here is the poem if you would like to use it:
Poem Spring


  1. Thanks for sharing the poem. I will look for his book. Love this series! I just used the one for onomatopoeia.

  2. My kids so love your poems! We just finished the March one and they were begging for another! THANKS!

  3. Love, love, love your poems.....thank you for sharing them!