Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday's Words for the Week

Did you remember to do this last night? A friend and I have a writing project that needs to be dropped by midnight tonight and being the procrastinator that I am, I haven't even started my portion. So losing that hour really hurts today!
But by tomorrow I'll get to appreciate it because I may actually be able to see this:
The sun won't set here until about 7:00 now. I have missed seeing it. Don't know about you but there have been too many nights that I've been heading home and it is already dark. It will be SO nice to enjoy some time outside after school. I have a pretty place to run and just being outside restores my soul! What about you? I think we all need to steal away moments for ourselves. I'm positive I'm a better teacher, mom and wife when I allow myself time to unwind.
Now here is one of my favorite quotes on time:
Maybe I need to give up that "not enough time" excuse, huh?
Hope your hours this week are filled with amazing moments!


  1. H. Jackson Brown, Jr. is one of my favorite writers so I am not surprised that I love your time quote! I hope that you are able to get your portion of your project done and enjoy the sunset : )

  2. Love this one! Thanks for sharing. I am awarding you the One Lovely Blog Award.

    Lifelong Learning

  3. I awarded your blog a top 10 blog! I love your stuff! Come over and see :)