Monday, April 2, 2012

Let's Make a Deal

I've got a dilemma. I've joined my school's Relay for Life team this year and am super excited about it. Have you participated in this before? It's a wonderful event that is designed to inspire hope for all those who are battling cancer or for those of us whose loved ones are. It is a fund raising opportunity in which all money goes directly to cancer research. This is dear to my heart as I lost my dad to cancer and know countless of others who are dealing with this devastating diagnosis. So let's get to my problem. I've got less than a month to go to this event and I have raised just about nothing on my own. I'm terrible at asking people for money especially now a days when times are tough for some many. So I've decided to make a deal with any willing participants out there. Here's the gist:

With Easter right around the corner, you may be in need of a few Easter goodies for your classroom. I'll send you the following:
1. An Easter poem with follow up. It is a cute one called "Patience". Great for repeated rereadings and the follow up will help your kids review some important third grade language skills.
2. Easter Egg Hunt Math Problem Sheets (Four of them) and a recording sheet for kids to write their answers. What I do is cut out the problems and put them in plastic Easter eggs. The kids are partnered and the math hunt is on. They hunt for an egg, crack it open and solve the problem recording it on the sheet. The problems are multiple choice and formatted like the third grade BIG TEST questions. Great practice! We always do this outside so no fuss no muss and kids can be louder than normal.
3. A kid friendly recipe for the rice krispie treats shown below and a follow up sheet of four reading based test questions based on the recipe. My kids also have to draw a flow map sequencing the steps. We make this treat in class in small group time while the others are working on their poems. They come out really cute and are not too hard to make. I use a big electric skillet to melt the rice krispies and it works well.
4. The pattern for the Bunny Cups below.

Recipe Idea:

So any takers? Think about get some new Easter ideas and get to support a great cause. A win-win situation. All I'm asking is that you visit my Relay Page and give a five dollar donation. You can always do more if you are so inclined but just $5.00 would be great!! The link is below if you want to take my deal. Just email me after your donation at and I'll pass along these Easter documents to you.

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  1. Thank you to all those who contributed to the Relay for Life fund!! I REALLY appreciate it!