Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Geometry Testing Review: Treat or Torture?

Must testing review and practice be a torture for students and their teachers? I'll admit it is my least favorite time of the year.    We will be testing Social Studies tomorrow and Math on Friday.  In an attempt to make the review more enjoyable, we have been watching clips from Scholastic's Study Jams.  If you are not familiar with it you should definitely check it out!  They have lots and lots of entertaining study jams on topics that we cover in third grade. My kids really like it! I've sent the website information home with my students and have gotten a good response from parents as well.  It reteaches and reviews information.  LOVE!

Our current math review has been on geometry and geometric solids.  We are lucky to have the die cut shapes of these that the kids can fold together and create.  This is a great hands on manipulative that they can take home too.  Perfect for counting edges, faces and vertices.  We glued them on a piece of paper so that we could take them home. 

Are you all lucky enough to have math specialists helping you with your instruction? I have learned so much from mine! Here is a geometry idea that my fantastic math specialist shared with us.  It uses spaghetti and a round cereal.
From these pieces my students created a poster to represent a point, line segment and angle.

Here we were ending our lesson with some kinesthetic reinforcement.  Students demonstrated their understanding of these math terms using their bodies.  We even played Simon Says for repeated practice.  See testing review can be fun and games after all!


  1. I love the different ways you reviewed! :)

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  2. I just did the Geometric Solids activity with my kiddos today! They loved it and they totally got the concept. Thanks for sharing your ideas