Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Soil Poetry and Follow Up

Hello All, I'm back with a poem but first would like to thank those who emailed about this Sunday's words.
First to my local friends, you all made me laugh out loud with your guesses as to whose words those were from. Actually I should give credit where credit is due. That line came from Kennedy. She is full of insight and wisdom. Who needs a therapist when you can just go talk with her, right? Now don't all run to her with your problems or I'm in for it!

Then, thanks to those who emailed  your comments or sent me  back words that have helped you along your way.  Your emails are like little presents that I get to open.  Thanks for sending them to me! I love them!

Now here is a poem to go along with the soil study.  As you can see by the follow up, I am looking for ways to sneak in some practice for the upcoming reading SOL test. My students cut the poem out and illustrate for meaning then they complete the follow up.  This is part of my literacy station line up.  Poetry is an easy one to incorporate for me because the poetry activities stay the same, I just change out the poem.

****THERE IS A TYPO ON QUESTION 5 SO WHITE OUT THE EXTRA "ARE" BEFORE YOU COPY THE POEM.  (:      I should have edited like I always tell my kids, huh?
Soil Under the Ground Check back! I'll post more soil lessons as I do them this week.


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