Saturday, November 24, 2012

Building Better Number Sense; Number of the Day

I'm back once again with math on my mind. Here is a post about Number of the Day. I'd love to hear from those of you who are using it on a regular basis and have seen a positive result. I'm on a mission to help my students strengthen and build their skill with numbers.  I love Number of the Day tasks because they are naturally differentiated and generate rich math talk and discussion.
Here is the poster version of Number of the Day.  In this Winter Set, all the numbers are presented in a winter fact.  I wanted the number to mean something rather just having it be randomly generated.  Students will write a math representation of the number given. It is amazing to see how different students respond.  The more you engage students in this activity, the better variety of answers you will get.  I think the key is to spend a bit of time on sharing the ideas given.  Students are really interested in hearing how others answered and are inspired by each other's thinking.  You will get great stuff if you keep at it!

There are times where I will simply just have students respond with a free choice on the poster by writing their idea on an idex card and taping it up.  See the above photo.
Other times I will print off a sheet as shown below.  Here I will require students to think about the number by responding to a given math prompt. We have worked on place value, rounding, comparing, etc. so now I want them to show what they know.  This gives me quick assessment data.

 I've used the calendar numbers for our number of the day but it limits us in using only tens numbers, the days of school numbers increase by ones so that ended up being just yesterday's work plus one more. This year I've worked on incorporating higher numbers and have bumped the rigor of the tasks.
The numbers on some of these tasks have reached the hundred thousands place.  I've included a problem solving component in the student sheets as well.
 This bundle includes the numbers and student tasks I will be using in January.  Are you interested in trying these out?  Head to my TPT store to get more information!