Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday's Words for the Week

It's been a tough week for many.
  Here in Virginia we had just minimal damage from Hurricane Sandy. But I was born and raised on the Jersey shore and Sandy blew through my hometown causing destruction like no one there has ever seen. My sisters and brothers and their families made it through ok but many have lost everything. I've shed many a tear this week for them.
 I spent my summer days at this very spot on the Avon boardwalk. We would get there early in the morning, pack sandwiches for lunch and stay until dinner time.  We would walk the boards, sit in the sun and swim in the waves.  It was home for us.
Sandy hit hard last week. Homes were destroyed and the shoreline has been forever altered.  

These pictures make me so sad.

Please say a little prayer for these people who are hurting tonight.  Many are still without electricity and gas is being rationed.  Houses were damaged beyond repair, some just blown into a pile of debris by surf and wind.  People have been left homeless. 

So here are this Sunday's Words for the Week:

God bless.   Stay strong my New Jersey friends.