Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday's Words for the Week

Appropriate words are hard to come by tonight. What is really worth saying after the horrible event at Sandy Hook Elementary? As teachers we are shaken to our core. I know we have all cried many tears for the loss of those innocent children and women and in our anger, fear and despair may be questioning God's love for us. Why would God allow such suffering? Many years ago I read some amazing books on the topic. One was written by Joni Tada who was paralyzed in a diving accident. Her book, When God Weeps, is an examination of the purpose of suffering and is not an easy read.
There are no sweet, easy answers in this one. Your view of God will no doubt be challenged but in the end will be refined and enlarged. Reading Tada's book helped  me to make sense of the loss and suffering in my own life and helped me comprehend the full impact of God's greatness and His goodness. I have learned there is purpose to the dark times of my life, that God is all sufficient, always present and has a divine and unique plan for my life. I must trust.

I will end this Sunday's words with Point of Grace and their amazing song, Immanuel.

Our God is with us. He has has not left us. And He never will.

Wishing you comfort in your suffering. -Doris