Sunday, August 30, 2015

Creating a Science Station

Yes, it is with a big sigh that I say good-bye to summer. 
But, there are lots of new ideas I am excited to be trying out this year. So it is full steam ahead!
Tomorrow is the first day of our work week. As we all know, teachers have been busy with back to school preparations for awhile now. 
I am emphasizing science with a revamping of my science station. 
It was time for new, fresh scientific process posters to get my third graders excited about experimenting and exploring. 

I like having these materials readily available and want the students to know that these are THEIR tools to use. 

Last year I began running an observation station as part of my literacy stations. 
I placed an "artifact" in these boxes along with science tools like magnifying glasses and rulers. 
I believe students need time to just explore, examine and make discoveries.

I also included books on topics related to whatever was in the box. 
Students recorded questions they had and then used the reference materials to locate answers. 

I made up a general recording sheet that could work with whatever artifact I included. 

Interested in creating a Science Station in your classroom? 
I have included these materials in my TPT Store.
Click the link below to check them out. 

What are you excited about teaching this year? 
I'd love to hear!